Ritz Limousines Responsive Website

Ritz Limousines is one of Vancouver’s leading executive transportation companies. For over 20 years Ritz has Provided limousine, SUV and Party Bus transportation services in Vancouver and its surrounding regions.

The limousine transportation business in Vancouver is highly competitive with many large corporations, private companies and individual drivers. It is essential that Ritz Limousines has a strong website presence that optimizes well for local searches, functions on mobile devices and captures new customers.

Their most competitive keywords are based around local regional searches such as “Vancouver Limo Service“, “Surry Limos“, and “airport limousine services, and “wedding limousines“.

Responsive Website Design:

Black Widow Media has designed several responsive WordPress websites for Ritz Limousines and their core service offerings. We also provide SEO services that keep the ritzlimos.com family of websites highly ranked for competitive search terms such as “Vancouver Limos”. These responsive designs are essential for proper functioning on mobile devices and tablets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The most critical consideration of the Ritzlimos.com website project is search engine optimization. We utilize state-of-the-art SEO tactics so their website can achieve the best possible search engine results. We use the All-In-One SEO plug-in for this particular project. We created the written content in an SEO friendly format and optimized photos to achieve the best possible SEO results. We are constantly employing new coding methods and technics to maintain the highest SEO rankings. We also create linking strategies that help raise search engine results for Ritzlimos.com.

Content Development:

Content is king! Black Widow Media developed the written and photographic content for all the Ritz Limousine websites. This content is written in a very specific way to help maximize Google search rankings and images are optimized and tagged with techniques to maximize visibility, speed and SEO.

Website Hosting:

We employ WPEngine’s WordPress specific website hosting that gives there site the speed it needs. This type of hosting also offers automated backups, CDN (content delivery network) and advanced server level caching to help any website achieve maximum success. We have the ability to offer some of Vancouver’s best rates on professional website hosting because of the volume discounts we receive for hosting so many sites. We can offer shared and dedicated hosting solutions depending on your websites speed and traffic requirements.

Domain Name Management

We take care of all Ritz’ domain name management services to ensure that everything is always renewed and running at optimal performance. We can help you find the perfect domain name for your next project or help you transfer websites to new hosting companies.

Technical Support:

We always go out of our way to offer every client the best possible customer service. For Ritz Limousines we can be reached anytime (day or night) and will always respond to emergencies as soon as they come to our attention. We can usually update sites with special offers and new content within an hour.

Social Media Integration:

For Ritz Limousines we help develop their FaceBook page and add content as desired. This includes information on new vehicles, special discounts and promotional offers. Utilizing social media is an important part of every successful website strategy. We can help set up FaceBook pages, Twitter, Pintrest, Linked-in and many more. Each of these platforms help you engage with your customers, build brand awareness, add legitimacy, and provide valuable links to your website.

Social media sites also allow for great advertising opportunities as your business can now be positioned in front of a very targeted audience like never before.


We keep up-to-date back-ups of all the content and database for the Ritz Limousine websites. It is very important to remember that every computer and server is susceptible to crashes and viruses can infect even the most secure websites. Having proper back-ups saves you time and hassle in the unlikely case that anything does go wrong.

Google Business Services for Ritz Limousines

There are several services that Google offers to help companies like Ritz Limousines increase traffic, become more visible on local searches, improve the quality of their website coding, and provide effective advertising services.

Google Business Listings:

Ritz Limousines utilizes Google Business Listings so that they get preferential rankings for local people searching for their specific services. These listings target local searches, are free and appear near the top of a Google search. Every business needs to be there!

Google Authorship:
Recently Google has been placing more emphasis on content authorship. The reason for this is to give higher search engine rankings to websites that can prove that “experts” are developing meaningful content. Google authorship is becoming a more important criteria for getting ranked highly in searches. Google authorship can be a tricky issue to set-up correctly… and yes, we can help with that too!

Google Webmaster Tools:

We established Ritz Limousines with Google Webmaster Tools to help their website in a variety of ways. It provides a process of site verification that helps Google better index your site for increased search engine rankings. Webmaster tools also allows for site map submissions and checks your website for any coding or mobile compatibility issues. It also provides useful statistics regarding linking and keyword analytics that can help you develop better new and better content for your website.

Google Adwords:

Using Google Adwords is another way we help Ritz Limousines attract more customers. We carefully analyize what search terms will make the best return on investment. Each Vancouver region that Ritz Limos services has its own specific Google ad campaigns so that very targeted ads can be created to cater to each region and attain higher click through rates. Every company should be using Google Adwords. However, it can be very expensive and totally ineffective if not properly managed.

Google Analytics:

We use Google Analytics to track traffic statistics for all of the Ritz Limousines websites. Using Google Analytics is important because you can learn exactly where your customers are coming from and this allows you to develop your site in ways to focus on new regions for increasing growth.