Wordpress Specific Website HostingThe quality of your website hosting matters. Every second counts, especially if you are paying for traffic. We can help your site get running super fast and fully optimized with powerful WordPress specific hosting from WpEngine. Because we use WpEngine hosting services almost exclusively for all of our clients we can even get you a great deal on pricing because we can pass our volume discount on to you.

We Recommend WpEngine’s WordPress Specific Hosting For Several Reasons:

  1. Server Level Website Caching – this makes website caching problems and dealing with caching plugins a thing of the past. Don’t waste your time or patience anymore. We have found over time that the built in website caching functionality of WpEngine is so good that it is worth making the switch for.
  2. Fast Server Response Time – Every second counts and WpEngine allocates a lot more system resources dedicated to your site’s speed than most other hosting companies out there. Over many years of testing we have found that our clients running on WpEngine have the fastest overall server response time of any company we have ever observed.
  3. Free SSL Certificates – Creating and installing SSL certificates for your domain names (www. and non www. domains) has never been easier than with WpEngine. It just takes a few minutes and its all included for free!
  4. Easy 30 Day Running Backups – Automatic restore points are created every day that you can easily restore from if problems ever arise.
  5. One Click Backups – Back-up your entire site and all files to a zipped folder with one click.
  6. Easy Site Transfers – We can transfer your current website to WpEngine hosting within an hour.
  7. Price – Yes WpEngine is a little more expensive than other major hosting companies, but it is well worth the price given all the inherent benefits. Because we run so many clients with WpEngine hosting services we can pass on our volume discount to you! We can offer one year of WpEngine hosting for only $250 CAN

Given all these benefits there is really no reason not try it. We promise you will not be disappointed.